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[Podcast] What If Intuition Built Your Website? An Interview With Neelima Sharma


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Mar 22, 2024
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In this episode of “What If? So What?” Jim talks with Neelima Sharma, SVP of ecommerce, digital, and technology at Lowe’s about the challenges and successes of transforming the retail industry through digital innovation. Neelima highlights the importance of teamwork, trust, and a customer-centric approach in driving the company’s growth and also emphasizes the significance of personalization and building long-term relationships with customers. The conversation touches on topics such as the impact of COVID-19 on retail, the role of AI and human intuition in decision making, and the importance of accurate inventory management. The conversation provides valuable insights into the strategies and mindset required for successful digital transformation in the retail industry.

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Meet our Guest​

Claus Torp Jensen, Chief Storyteller and Digital Transformation Leader

Claus Torp Jensen is a technologist turned chief storyteller and digital transformation leader. As a proactive change agent, he has expanded his horizons by working across two countries and three diverse industries. Driven by a commitment to purpose and real-world impact, his non-linear career path is fueled by opportunities to enact positive changes —enhancing teams, processes, technology, and business operations.

A lifelong learner with a deep-seated passion for healthcare, research, and education, Claus actively contributes as a speaker, and mentor and has authored the books “Whole Person Care for Dummies” and “Digital Transformation for Dummies”. Outside of his professional pursuits, he cherishes traveling with his family, exploring new cultures, and gaining global perspectives.

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Meet the Host​

Jim Hertzfeld

Jim Hertzfeld is Area Vice President, Strategy for Perficient.

For over two decades, he has worked with clients to convert market insights into real-world digital products and customer experiences that actually grow their business. More than just a strategist, Jim is a pragmatic rebel known for challenging the conventional and turning grand visions into actionable steps. His candid demeanor, sprinkled with a dose of cynical optimism, shapes a narrative that challenges and inspires listeners.

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