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2024 Organic Summer Produce Shares


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Mar 22, 2024
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Our summer produce share features a wide range of local, seasonal vegetables from our small-scale farms. No matter which size share you choose, we always strive to include different types and varieties of just-picked veggies throughout the CSA season. Our farmers are proud of the quality produce they grow, and each crop’s health and vitality is taken into consideration as they plan, and refine, their cultivation techniques each season.

Our summer produce share is available in three different sizes:

Large Produce Share (10 – 12 items a week): Perfect for a family or a couple of voracious veggie eaters, our large share offers lots of variety, week after week.

Medium Produce Share (6 – 8 items a week): The Goldilocks of CSA, our medium-sized produce share is the perfect size for a couple or small family.

Small Produce Share (4 items a week): It may be small, but this share is still mighty. Perfect for those flying solo or anyone interested in trying out CSA for the first time.

When supply is limited, we may source other high-quality produce from our partner farms. Please visit our FAQ page for answers to your frequently asked questions.

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